Tuesday, March 15, 2011

rainy day. part II.

Hunter Boa Boots. Mine!

The other silver lining for a rainy day (and it has been a very very rainy winter here in San Francisco) is the opportunity to wear my new boots. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that these are my second pair of Hunter boots (the other pair is classic navy) but when I saw these I had to have them. Here is my reasoning --
1. Umm look at them they are amazing!
2. Despite what one may say - navy does not really go with everything - it just sorta goes with a lot of stuff.
3. The shiny and the croc print (Yes - I am calling it croc, although a boa is a snake I hate snakes, so it is croc. Humor me here.) make them look fancy. When it is raining and cold and wet it is too easy to just give up and just throw on whatever. To counteract this I am a big fan of boots, tights and skirts or dresses for rainy days. And since I tend to sit one leg under the other at work (not ergonomic but so comfortable) this outfit choice also solves the problem of the soggy pant legs that turns into the wet butt marks.
4. They were on sale at Zappos - usually $240, reduced to $150 and they only had one pair left in black and it was my size. It was meant to be.
5. They were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than my true lust rain boots - the Jimmy Choo/Hunter collaboration with almost the same effect - black, shiny, croc. All that is missing is the leopard lining - a nice touch but not enough to spring for the $425 price tag. You can view those gorgeous boots on the Saks website here.

Cheers! I'm off to jump in puddles in my fancy boots.

rainy day.

my niece leila.
This photo reminds me that a rainy day is not something to dread. It's just another opportunity to put on a tutu, grab an umbrella and go shopping.