Thursday, March 24, 2011

flying elephants.

We are a ways away from seriously thinking about having kids but this wall mural is too good to pass up!

Lately I've been on a circus kick. I have always loved shiny things, tutus, stripes and animals dressed as people - so naturally - the circus is like my heaven.

If/when we have kids I think we will do a vintage circus theme. Think more old-timey big top, less clowns and caged animals. 



rainy day. part III.

pretty purple tree after the rain.

It was the storm of the year this weekend - high winds, broken trees, power outages, thunder and lighting oh my! This weekend also happened to be my sister's birthday so we loaded up our ark/car and headed northeast to Davis. Davis is the cute little college town where I grew up (well - high school on) and where both my sisters, niece and parents all live. Davis prides itself on its vet school, being ranked as the #2 most educated town in the United States, bike friendliness and being an early adopter of curbside recycling.

pretty purple tutu that matches the tree.
Here is what I remember from growing up - there was no place to buy underwear, my parents kept gross rotting trash in a bin in the kitchen (composting made NO sense to me then) and the two highest points in the city were the overpasses (hence all the biking). But I loved the place - it was cool to be smart and creative and it was so pretty with craftsman style houses downtown, lots of trees and big green yards further out. Every fall it would smell like spaghetti sauce for weeks when the local Hunt's factory was canning up all the local tomatoes.

What I think I appreciate most about Davis is how pretty it is right after a rainstorm. Enjoy these two post rain pics.

Stay dry.