Friday, January 27, 2012

new bike!

I have a new bike. I love it. 60% because it is orange, 15% for the outdoorsy/exercise factor, 15% for the accessories and 10% for the freedom of not having to park. The bike is from Public Bikes - a great local San Francisco bike company created by the the founder of Design Within Reach. It's a very European "step-thru" style - perfect for day to day biking, even while wearing a *gasp* skirt! Not suitable for the psycho, spandex wearing, competitive bicycle riding elitists that ride past my house every weekend on their way to the Golden Gate Bridge to terrorize tourists.

My only complaint? Adam doesn't have his own bike - so although it would be awesome to tool around together to the gym or brunch or to visit friends close by - we drive. Also - there is no easy to bring Biscuit along on any real bike ride - so I have to do the Sophie's Choice move of riding the bike or taking the dog - very often the sweet smushed face dog wins.
my beautiful orange bike - in original form.

then I added this great basket.
and a matching orange rack for trotting stuff around. 
and sweet looking leather handlebar grips.

and a shiny bell...

and a super comfy old-timey leather seat.

and I top off the whole thing with the best accessory of all - a gold shiny shiny glitter helmet.
 I'm excited for the weather to warm up a bit (although it is eerily warm this January - mid-60s most days) and for the days to get longer so I can ride after work. If (big if) this biking stuff really becomes a habit - I'm obviously going to need to find a way for wee Biscuit to join me on my biking adventures. The cart below is a way nerdy option. Doesn't it just scream "I have a strange child-replacement relationship with my dog"? I'm pretty sure I do have said relationship so I will embrace the mini-baby trailer to allow him to come with.

coming soon perhaps? a doggy trailer for Biscuit.

Sorry I've been an absentee blogger in 2011. Here's hoping for a more productive 2012 - I really do miss it.


all photos from the Public Bikes website.