Sunday, August 30, 2009

things i want to make part 1 of 10,000

I have the longest list in the world of things I want to make. I see something gorgeous and I bookmark the webpage or add some sort of fancy post-it to the book and sits. The list grows longer - either waiting for me to find some time, develop some unobtainable crafting skill, buy the 1,100 necessary supplies or some combination of the above.

Here is a project I both have the supplies for and **gasp** have started! These are big steps people - I expect a gold star on my chart from each of you after you read this.

Hand knit washcloths - hold your questions as to why any right minded person would feel the need to knit their own washcloths. These are so soft - and pretty - and are relatively fast - and make great gifts. Don't judge - this very well could be your next birthday present and wouldn't you rather wash your bum with something made with love?
I have completed 2 out of a set of 3 - knitting them out of a soft off white organic cotton yarn. All I need to do is finish the last 1/2 of the 3rd washcloth and attempt to block them - which will be a new knitting skill for me.
I found the pattern and this photo (mine are not quite ready for their close-up) on the purl bee website. If you are ever in need of inspiration of any sort - the purl bee is your place. Everything comes with great tutorials and there is not a thing on there that is not drool worthy in some way.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh for the love of etsy!

Oh how I love Etsy! If you don't shop Etsy - stop reading my silly blog and get on right now. Etsy's self description is "Your place to buy and sell all things handmade." Absolutely everything on the site is amaaaaaaazing. The quality and the breadth of what people can make is outstanding. So much good gorgeous stuff. Truly I could spend hours upon hours browsing through all the different shops. Sometimes I search for something random - like blue gnomes - just to see what magical things will appear. Then maybe I will sort by region so I only get local artists - I have to see what my SF neighbors are up to, you know? It makes me happy to think that just around the corner from me there is someone else tinkering away on their passion projects too (with obviously much better results).

Last week I succumbed to my addiction and supported some fellow crafters by buying a few things. Here are two of my recent Etsy purchases.

1. patchwork stroller quilt from raggedyowl. This is obviously a woman after my own heart. The simple - super soft small quilt is made with fabric showing gnomes and goldfish and dots and stripes - the photo above does not do it justice. It is so bright and cute and I can't help but smile when I look at it. And...big virtual hugs - the quilter included a handwritten card thanking me for my purchase. It makes me feel good inside to support someone else doing something they love.

2. hand printed cards from papermichelle. How could I resist a gnome jumping out of a mushroom cake?? OMG it's like this person is my gnome soul mate. I did buy 6 other cards as well - they were too perfect to not stock up on.

This is the just the tip of the Etsy iceberg.

Happy shopping my friends.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've missed you all.

So...let's start with the obvious - it's been awhile. My deepest apologies to the 4 people who read this blogging masterpiece. While I have been delinquent - I do have a good reason - I'm back in the working world.

It must be said - working has really put a damper on my life of leisure. Everything I do now is just so much more rushed - no more mid-morning trips to the gym - no more pouring over cookbooks, picking out recipes then a nice stroll to Whole Foods for the ingredients. Alas.

Since it has been nearly four months - here is a quick recap of life in the Elastic Sandwich world -
1. we bought a new car (I have to commute for this new job) - her name is Maude and she is f-ing adorable. I have never named a car but Maude needed a proper title - she is a lady after all.

2. All my friends are having babies! I could not be more excited. One is hatched and the other 3 are coming early next year - all within 2 weeks of each other. Some moons must have been aligned 4 months ago when everyone got knocked up all at the same time.

3. I ran the San Francisco Half Marathon. If I had to sum up running a half marathon in one word - it would be LOOOOOOOOONG. Incredibly painful and it felt so damn good to do it. At the end - when I could hardly walk - I was ready to sign up for another one. Glutton for punishment I guess. Here's a photo - I'm the nerd with her arms in the air.

4. Took a few little trips - New York for work and friends. LA for a trade show. Eureka to visit the grandparents. Portland to visit the brother. Scottsdale for a bachelorette girls weekend. Upcoming...Washington DC (never been) for Labor Day and Tahoe the weekend after then back to New York for a week in October for wedding and work. Phew - lots of fantastic adventures this year.

It's my late mid-year resolution to get back in the swing of blogging and crafting and cooking. Expect to hear from me a little more often. Come back soon.

Cheers -

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LOVE - life changing product - dry shampoo

Washing your hair everyday is neither good for the environment or good for your hair. What is the point of getting fancy blond highlights if I am just going to dull my hair with over washing? That said - I have a lot of hair - it is both long and thick - and it is sometimes also just a pain to wash and blow dry. Honestly - I would not mind a bit of a shake-up - maybe cutting it just to my shoulders a la Heidi Klum's new cut?? I mean - I have had the same hair cut for at least the last 5 years...

Anyhoo - back to the no washing thing - I find that my hair looks and feels a ton better when I wash it every other day instead of every day. That being said - 2nd day hair lacks a bit of bounce and by the end of the 2nd day - there could be a case of what is technically known as "stink hair."

Fear not my friends - you no longer have to chose between healthy hair and fresh pretty smelling hair! Thanks to the glory of dry shampoo you can have both. I have tried many brands and forms of application and here are my three faves. Note photos to each shampoo are from top to bottom.

1. Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder -
pros - fantastic, smells like lemons - no, even better than lemons, smells like a lemon drop - citrusy and sweet and delicious. It also is the easiest to wash out of your hair because it blends so easily into your scalp and roots.

cons - it is messy - it is just a fine white powder that you smush into your roots and rustle around. But the powder is inconsistant and if you squeeze the bottle too hard you can poof a big burst of powder that takes forever to mush into your hair. You can put a little into your palms and add it gradually - but if there is one thing you have learned about me so far in this blog - I do not like to take the extra time to do things right if the fast way might work.

2. Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray -
pros - exactly the same cons as the powder but in a spray - so waaaay less chance of mess. Just spray and go. The smell is a little stronger on the spray too so it works especially well on extra stinky hair.

cons - The bottle mysteriously empties itself. this is a BIG con. You can use it just once or twice and then go back and find the can empty. Obviously this is the work of ghosts with 2nd day hair. Also - when you do get to the end of the can - the spray can be tacky and you can spray sticky powder onto your head - like old hairspray almost.

3. Klorane - Gentle Dry Shampoo -
Pros - It smells like almost nothing - light and fresh and yet does a fantastic job eliminating whatever it is that makes 2nd day hair not so lovely. The bottle is magically both a spray and not a spray - you squeeze it and a light mist of powder waves itself into your hair. It rarely junks up your head or leaves too much powder.
Cons - It just doesn't smell like lemon drops. Alas!

Best wishes for the best of hair days my friends.