Thursday, April 7, 2011

birds and jars - together!

my new glass bird jar - from Pottery Barn. 
detail of the silly bird on top.
Those of you who know me - either personally or through reading this fluff bucket of a blog - are aware that I have an odd obsession with glass jars and strange birds. I even have small glass birds that I keep in large glass jars. It drives my husband crazy.  But I guess he loves me because for our 6 year dating anniversary (April Fool's Day) he gave me the ultimate glass jar - a bird jar! That's right - it is a glass jar with a bird on top. Boo-ya!!
I'm not sure what I am going to put in it yet - I just know that I love it and I love him.

Happy Spring.


p.s. - I gave him tickets to see David Sedaris on Easter Sunday. We always listen to his books on tape when we go on long car rides so it will be quite a treat to see him in person. I really really hope he tells more stories about his time in France....