Thursday, March 19, 2009

I ran I ran as fast as I could

Fog? Check. Rain? Yup. Wind? Of course! Butt cold temps? Done. That's right - all the conditions for a perfect race day.

Luckily - despite the miserable conditions - I had one hell of a running partner in "mean" Wendy - my longtime trainer and now friend. Not only did she volunteer to run this race with me (and got up at the crack of dawn on a rainy Sunday) - she pushed my naturally lazy ass to do my best - even resorting to jokes and a little singing on the hills. In fact - when running up the big hill on the approach to the bridge - she was giving advice to other runners!!

This race was more than a 12k, more than those 7.4 soaking wet miles - this was a personal accomplishment - the first race I have competed in since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and going on those months and months of steroids. It feels really good to know that I am back in control and able to push myself again.

I am glad I did it? Absolutely. Am I happy it is over? Abso-f*cking-lutely. Somehow I agreed to do a half marathon at the end of May. Must have been drunk. Stay tuned!



Scrappy said...

WOW! run run as fast as you can, your my gingerbread girl! I'm a proud momma

Gabe said...

AWESOME Beth! Way to go lady! I've never run a marathon myself, so I'm in extra-super-special-awe. Hop on a bike and we’ll get you down here for El Tour de Tucson later this year.

Your blog is hilarious and entertaining (just discovered it tonight while seeing your IM-standard-message…maybe it’s been up for months, but I’m just not that observant just not that observant).

I’ll stay tuned for more updates, recipes, and pics of Adam around the house without pants—seriously, more pics of him with no pants around the house is a weekly blog requirement.