Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Martha strikes again

Just when I think I am getting the hang of this blogging thing and perhaps even occasionally being witty and helpful - Martha goes and shows me up. No no - not even that - Martha's friggin dogs Francesca and Sharkey show me up. They have a blog. It is called The Daily Wag.

Here are my issues - and yes - some of them are a little personal.

I love love love french bulldogs - they are dignified and dopey at the same time - so endearing. In fact - Adam and I have pre-named our future dog. She will be a frenchie and her name will be Petunia. If all goes well - her life companion will be an english bulldog named Winston.

I am a sucker for animals in clothes. Seriously - put a duck in a hat and I am happy for days. I met my dear husband because of a monkey wearing a fez hat. True story.

Sharkey and Francesca know how to turn it out. They are always dressed appropriately for every occasion (ball gowns, rain gear, felted sweaters with pearl trim) and seem to put more thought into their appearance than I do. This makes me feel lazy - they are dogs. I am somewhat consoled by the fact that they are French. The French always dress better than Americans right?

Their lives are pretty exciting - significantly more exciting than me own right now. Their days are filled with television appearances, skunk encounters, dog fashion shows and they seem to have no end of topics to write about. Whereas - I am writing about cooking up pre-marinated tri tip and organizing my bookshelves. Alas!

Francesca and Sharkey's blog is genuinely funny. I enjoy reading it and browsing through their outfit photos. I should not like these things as much as I do.

These little dogs are outshining me in fashion, humor, experience and even class. Oh and thousands of people read their blog everyday - I can't even get some of my closest friends to look at mine consistently.

Alas - I can never really be mad at them - look how cute and stupid they look. Awwww.


All photos from marthastewart.com

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