Sunday, May 3, 2009

an outfit with a cardigan is like a unicorn without a horn - the magic is missing.

Everyone has their "thing" - their signature look and mine apparently is the cardigan. After receiving an additional two cardigans in the mail from J Crew this week (so cute - one white lightweight one and a black cashmere v-neck that was on sale) I came to the realization that I have at least 20 cardigans and that is not counting some questionable cardigan-like wrap sweaters.

So - I had an idea for the blog - this May is going to be "cardigan-a-day-month" for me. Every workday I will wear a different cardigan. I will document these outfits daily for the month on this here blog. Now - anyone who knows me realizes that these outfits will be virtually the same v-neck t-shirt, jeans, flats and cardi combo so don't be expecting groundbreaking style a la Mary Kate or Kate Moss.

Let's face it - we all have plenty of stuff and tend to wear just a few favorite things. In this painfully stagnant economy and with a sense of using whatcha got - I think this little experiment is going to be a lot of fun.

A few things to note -
If you also have a cardigan-like obsession of your own feel free to turn May into your own outfit experimentation. I would love to document someone else's journey as well. Join in - it's gonna be crazy fun!!

I am only doing this on workdays - I have a clear uniform for the weekends that involves just 2-3 key wardrobe players and I feel no need to mess with perfection.

Don't anyone fret that the weather may be too warm for daily cardigan wear - I have a few short sleeve and lightweight options in the rotations.

Depending on how wild I feel - there could even be a whole week devoted just to black cardigans. One could at this point assume I have a problem - but shush shush let's not go there now.

Did you know that if you type "stack of sweaters photo" into google you get thousands of images? Bizarre world we live in.

Please don't expect a daily update of outfits - I can assume that I will still only be posting 1-2 times a week. I do promise all outfits will be photographed and posted.

Add comments please!! I know people are reading (unless you all are just lying to me to make me feel better) so please please please just throw a sentence at me occasionally so I can not feel so cyber lonely.

Happy May


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Joanne said...

I too love a nice cardigan but admit am no way as obsessed as you are....I am going to check my closet an see what brings the magic to my outfits :)!