Sunday, November 15, 2009

the day of the bubbles - Adam turns on the dishwasher

Once upon a time there was a young(ish) couple who moved into a new house with a nice big white kitchen with a dishwasher. Week after week the wife would load and start the fancy dish washing machine. It was a simple enough process - put dirty dishes in - load one magic grapefruit scented pellet in the special bowly thing - close door - turn handle - push start. Voila! About 30 minutes lately the dishes were fantastically clean.

The husband was a bit slow on the loading part but the wife was patient - he was at least getting the dishes to the sink and it had been years and years since they had a dishwasher that was not a human being.

Early last week there was an issue - out of forks. No forks - full dishwasher - people coming over the next day for book club. The wife (me) asked the husband (Adam) to start the dishwasher. Easy breezy - neither of us was worried. Adam started it up - pranced upstairs all proud of himself and looking for recognition for this most basic of housework tasks (yawn - head pat - smiles).

A few minutes later a bit of doubt crept into my mind. It dawned on me that Adam cannot find anything ever and will not look for anything EVER. He will simply ask me constant questions such as all of these from just today "where is the measuring cup?" (drawer next to the oven) "where do we keep the cheese?" (ummm the refrigerator??) - "where are my razor refills?" (medicine cabinet - yes - he did ask while standing in the bathroom). Anyhoo - I realized he did not ask me where the dish washing soap was and this means only one thing...he did not use it.

That's right my friends - he used liquid dish washing soap in the dishwasher. The rest of the evening was a scene out of a bad 1980s sitcom. In fact - I am almost positive this happened on My Three Dads or perhaps on Full House when Uncle Jesse was in charge for the weekend. Think bubbles - lots and lots of bubbles just churning out of the bottom and edges of the dishwasher. Envision a kitchen floor covered in beach towels and sheets and more bubbles.

The one bright side? No need to mop the kitchen :-)

FYI - if you do not already use the Method Smarty Dish dishwasher pellets you need to get yourself to Target. They are amazing - no measuring, smell divine and wash like a gang of OCD angels took over your dishwasher.

Happy fall.


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Rachel said...

This post made me laugh out loud. You guys crack me up. Is this what I have to look forward to when I get married? :-)