Sunday, February 28, 2010

current piles = future projects

Lately I have been on a bit of a bender. All the fabric and yarn shown here I purchased in the last 2.5 months. I think I have self control but I just don't. I think I can stop whenever I want but I just can't. Despite my obsessive watching of Hoarders I continue to purchase supplies for unplanned projects. I buy things "just in case."

The problem truly is that there has been so much great stuff around lately. Beautiful hand dyed yarns in incredible colors from and my favorite local yarn shop Urban Fauna. Whimsical fabrics in fantastic prints (monkeys and robots and dots oh my!) from Etsy and then there was the gnome incident which led to a fear that if I didn't purchase now I may never get it.

That being said - I now have a wonderful stash of really great fabrics and yarns that need projects worthy of their beauty. This is where you come in.

Friends - I need help. Please help inspire me. I need ideas, projects, requests, patterns, something to get these great materials transformed into fantastical things. So...shoot. I'm all ears. And who knows? Your super idea could very well end up being a present just for you!



Sara said...

i think you should send some of that fabric to me :P

hmmm, project ideas...
i think you shoudl make something for your niece from here:

this one is a "one scissor" difficulty

Alisa said...

I need a new makeup bag. =)
I also like the idea of having small purses/totes to bring out on errands. Especially with warm weather coming, it would be nice to have a splash of color to accent my outfits. Ooh, maybe some headbands as well??