Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FOOD - orzo salad

I love orzo feta salad - my mom makes it upon request (begging) and I even buy it from the Safeway deli (where is is called Mediterranean salad, randomly). Not really sure why I have never made it - so I did and it is delicious.

Here is the recipe link -

A few comments on ingredients -
  1. I reduced the tomatoes to 1.5 baskets (15 oz. instead of 24) because 24 ounces just seemed like a lot of damn cherry tomatoes.
  2. I added 1 cucumber - peeled, seeded and sliced to add a little crunch.
  3. I added a few artichoke hearts because these are in my mom's version and I like them.

General comments -
  1. From the time I started boiling the water for the pasta to when I put it in the fridge to "develop" took ~1 hour. This is mainly because of how damn long it takes to cut up all the ingredients. Seriously - 20 minutes alone to pit and quarter 1 cup of olives.
  2. Ohhh how much time I would have saved if I had two fancy Williams-Sonomaesque tools. The olive/cherry pitter as well as a handheld citrus juicer.
  3. For a meat-free recipe it is really not that cheap - a few key ingredients really up the cost - $7 worth of olives, $6 of tomatoes, $6 of feta plus everything else.
  4. That being said - it makes oh so very very much salad. Supposedly 8 servings but as a side dish - it is really more like 12. Need a dish for a potluck? This is can be your new staple - large, delicious and unexpected.
I'll be serving this tonight with a simple broiled salmon and then eating it 3 meals a day for the next few days...

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Srappy said...

Wow, I appreciate the kudos on orzo salad! yum! I use lemon for a little zing. love the blog

SRLS said...

I reccomend kitchen sheers to cut everything. goes so much faster. also, if you get the pitted olives from trader joes they are only $4 or something.

SRLS said...

and just leave out the tomatoes!

Sara said...

yum, wanna make me some?

my dad uses a cusinart for easy chopping of lots of veggies

Beth Elastic Sandwich said...

Ohhh shears would have helped with the olives. Cusinart is always a toss up between the amount of time chopping and the amount of time cleaning the cusinart. Always pays off for cheese - not always for smaller things. I should do some comprehensive work study time tests....