Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Playdate.

Lately it seems that all our friends either have babies or are single. There is a serious lack of couples with no kids left in our circle of friends. And while babies are adorable - they do change ones ability to do anything impromptu and seem to take a lot of my friend's time and attention. Conversations that used to be about delightfully superficial things such as celebrity gossip and the new perfect gray shade for nails (for us girls) and which superhero is most likely to turn evil (for the boys) are often interrupted by a baby doing something breathtakingly cute or really upsetting. Single friends are fantastic but hard to bring Adam along on our outings given that he has nobody to talk to about superheros and he has very little interest in  nail polish.

In an effort to expand our circle of friends - we reached out to another set of D.I.L.D.O.s (double-income-little-dog-only) and scheduled a playdate for their furry child Hammee and our sweet Biscuit. Here are the visual results of our day at the beach.


Lucky for us - this was the last even semi-sunny day in quite awhile. Rain is forecasted for the next eight (yes eight as in one more than a full week) days. Sigh.

Cheers and happy Valentine's Day to y'all.

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Alisa said...

Biscuit + Ham = YUM!!!

(and adorable!)